About Charleston Barnyard

In studying American blues, ragtime, jazz, old-time and country for decades, I’ve come to love this music and dance with all of my soul. Musically, I bring to life the tunes and songs from our shared history as well as originals with guitar, harmonica, fiddle and banjo. I also love the art of dance calling and believe in the power of social dance to bring a community together to celebrate any occasion.

Multi-instrumentalist Brandon Olszewski of Charleston Barnyard on guitar
Charleston Barnyard is the work of Brandon Olszewski. Located in Eugene, Oregon, he plays and calls dances all over the Willamette Valley.

Shoot me a note through the form below if you’re looking for a solo musician steeped in the American acoustic tradition, you’re planning a square dance or just having a good old-fashioned hoedown. Remember that in traditional square dancing, dancers don’t need to come with a partner, don’t need dance experience and can dance with anyone regardless of gender. It’s a party first and a dance second!

Watch a square dance in full swing